Fastest T-shirt Printer In Toronto - 5 Minute Turnaround Time!

Design Your Very Own T-shirt

Use our T-Shirt designer below to make your very own custom Tee or apparel.

We will print your t-shirt on the spot when you come into the shop in 5-10 minutes per shirt.
If your are ordering more than 4 shirts, and don't want to wait for them, please call us and we can have them preprinted for you.

Here's our current print times, if you need a faster service please call us before ordering.

1 Shirt: only takes 5-10 minutes

4 Shirts: 1 hour

6 Shirts: 1 business day

10 Shirts: 2 business days

25+ shirts: 5-7 business days

We do our best to stock all the shirts available in the designer, but if you have your heart set on a colour, please call us to make sure it is available.



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