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Long Sleeve

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Long Sleeve


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If you have ever wanted to design your own long sleeve shirt, Toronto Tees provides numerous customizations to suit your needs. Our custom long sleeve t-shirts, sweaters, pullover hoodies, zippered hoodies, and even baseball shirts can be printed with the designs, logos, and text of your choice. Whether you need a single custom long sleeve shirt, or you need printed long sleeve shirts for dozens of people, we offer high-quality, customizable apparel at affordable prices.

Printed long sleeve t-shirts are perfect for chilly nights, and when winter rolls around, you can still make your own long sleeve shirt on a hoodie or sweater. These designer long sleeve t-shirts are perfect for gifts, as well, since they are made from cozy, soft material. They come in numerous styles and colors to ensure there is something to fit everyone’s body and style.

Toronto Tees offers you many different customization options, as well, which allows you to create almost any long sleeve t-shirt design imaginable. First, choose from any number of long sleeve shirt options, and then choose your color. You can upload your own images to create your own long sleeve shirt, or you can utilize our clipart or design ideas. You can also add text, names, numbers, and more to your shirt to make it all your own.

Toronto Tees’ custom long sleeve shirts are perfect for numerous occasions, too. You can create your own long sleeve shirt for everyday wear, or you can get many printed long sleeve shirts for various events. We can help you with design ideas for things like bachelor and bachelorette parties, family reunions, proms and other school events, fundraising, team sports, corporate branding opportunities, and much, much more.

You can design your own long sleeve shirt online through our website, or you can visit one of Toronto Tees’ two conveniently-located retail outlets to design and create your custom long sleeve shirts.