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Graphic Tees: The Go to Choice of Fashion Trendsetters

Published: September 26, 2017

Everyone loves a customized tee shirt. Whether it’s a clever pun, music inspired or politically charged people can’t get enough of them. Industry research reports that Online Original Designed T-shirt sales will reach 367 million within the next five years. It’s safe to say slogan and graphic t-shirts have always been a pop culture staple and they’re here to stay. But why are Custom tees so popular?

The Good ol’ Days

Nostalgia plays a massive role in the connection society feels toward customized/graphic tees. We’ve all had a graphic t-shirt at some point. Graphic tees are entrenched into our wardrobe from birth. Babies dressed in t-shirts with ironic messages, purchased by a parent who has a great sense of humor. The obligatory souvenir T-shirt you got from Ft. Lauderdale or Disneyland when you were 8. Later on in life, usually during the teenage angst years, it’s almost certain you sported your favorite band proudly across your chest. If you were born in the 80’s you most definitely had a Nirvana tee somewhere in your closet. If you’re a sports fan, “your” team shirt was most likely your favorite tee shirt to wear. Many of your favorite t-shirts have long been thrown out, deteriorated over time or you simply don't fit into anymore. Going to a custom t shirt shop to recreate that forgotten favorite shirt (without breaking copyright laws) will give you that same feeling of being a carefree kid, parading his/her favorite shirt around.

Make a Statement

T-shirts bearing slogans or statements are popping up everywhere these days, from the bodies of A-list celebrities, to politicians and just regular people with something to say. One of the most-watched events of 2016, the US Presidential Election Campaign, is where the ‘Nasty Woman’ insult was directed at Hillary Clinton and a slogan was coined. This insult actually backfired and spawned a slew of females to embrace the term. Making the phrase “Nasty Woman” into an empowering piece of pop culture fashion. In an age where people are no longer scared to make a political point it’s no wonder the nasty woman shirt was one of the most controversial, yet most popular pieces of clothing sold in 2016

Get a Laugh

Everyone has that one friend you can count on for a laugh and if you don’t, you probably are that friend. When you make a custom printed t shirt you can let not only your friends, but everyone who sees you know that you have a great sense of humor. Putting your creativity to good use and designing a shirt that you (or your besties) will find witty is a great way to separate yourself from everyone else. Many times people will stop strangers on the street to ask them where they got their custom printed t-shirts Toronto. Especially if they share the same sense of humor. Custom printed t shirts are a great way to break the ice when it comes to talking to strangers or making new friends.

Whether you’re sharing your sense of humor, reliving your childhood or making a statement, t-shirts can help individuals send their messages very clearly without having to utter a word. A lot of people don’t like having to rely on branded clothing to get what they want. When you’re making a customized t-shirt in Toronto, you’re not waiting for someone else to give you what you want. That's probably one of the reasons Toronto custom t shirts are extremely popular right now. Expect to see a lot more of statement t-shirts in 2017.

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