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The Best Family Reunion T-shirt Ideas

Published: August 16, 2018

Ideas on how to make a design that’s as fun as the people you call family

The summertime is upon us. That means it is time barbecues, fun at the pool, camping, golfing or for many of you, it is the season for family reunions. As you may know, families can be great. They can also be crazy. Isn’t the joy of having one though? Regardless of what kind of family you hail from, we have a multitude of family reunion t-shirt ideas to match the people you get the honor of calling your family. What we are offering are the best and most unique family reunion ideas for shirts that would be perfect for your family members.


We want to help you in this endeavor, especially if you have been tasked with organizing a family reunion, creating the family tee shirt or just simply want to do it on your own. Below is a compilation of the top 10 best family reunion t-shirt ideas for you think about and get your creativity flowing. As you commiserate on how to plan a family reunion, hopefully one of our ideas will inspire you as the perfect match for your own family reunion shirts.

Vintage Look Family Reunion T-Shirt

The vintage look never goes out of style, just like family reunions. Since family gathering intertwine so many generations into one setting, why not use a vintage logo? By vintage, it could be from any era that wasn’t in the last 10 years (By the way, how is the year 1999 almost 20 years ago?).

Anyway, look back at some logos from the different decades to get some great ideas for your family reunion t-shirt. Go for a retro 1970’s look or a classy one from the 1950’s. The options are as endless as the eras that have passed. A vintage look can easily appease and look good on most people, unlike the mullet of the 1980’s. But hey, it’s a t-shirt so anything can go when it comes to creating funny family reunion t-shirts.

An Ode to your Heritage

If you come from a family with a strong ethnic background, like Italian or Irish, paying homage to that heritage can be a wonderful idea for a family reunion themed t-shirt. For instance, integrating the country into a design, or using a motto that is written in the native language can be sweet and special to your loved ones. Just remember, when planning a family reunion that you could really have some fun, while also paying tribute to an important part of yourself and those you love.

Your Family Shield

For some people, their families have a shield or crests which encompasses influential qualities of their background and ancestral heritage. For the rest of us, we may have never known our family to have such a thing, or it has been long forgotten. Regardless of your situation, using a known shield or crest can be a nice idea for a family reunion tee shirt. This will not only enlighten those may not have known about this shield, it can also serve as a great talking piece at the gathering too.

If you don’t know or have your own family shield, then this is the perfect time to create and design one. Think of all the unique characteristics that make your family who they are. These can include the location of where you grew up, the hobbies that your family likes or that everyone has an obsessive love for pizza (I feel you there). You can then incorporate all those extraordinary qualities into your own family reunion t-shirt design template of your shield or crest.aq

This specific family t-shirt design idea can really turn into something fun and enjoyable for your loved ones. The best part is you can keep the same shield every year or evolve it over time. The options are endless, and so are the ways to make your shield as unique as your family members.

Incorporate your location into your family reunion t-shirt design

Family reunions can take place at the same location every year, or it can change to a similar spot to suit the traveling needs of everyone in the family. For some, the location is as pivotal as making sure there is enough food to feed everyone twice over. Why not incorporate the location into your design? If it has a mountainous or camping-esqe background, then utilize that as a design element into your t-shirt. The same goes for a family reunion that takes place at a park or at a more urban area.

For instance, say your last name is Jones, then use the line “Camp Jones” to intertwin both your last name and location into your family reunion t-shirt design ideas. You can also utilize your last name to say, “Jones Park”, “Jones Parkway,” or “Jones Getaway,” all as alternatives with incorporating a location into your family reunion event.

Family Tree

You wouldn’t be designing a shirt for a family reunion if you didn’t have many people to celebrate it with. Why not give a shout out to your growing family by using a family tree as your design inspiration? This is also a great option for those looking for small family union ideas.

There are so many ways to use the family tree symbol as a unique design element for your t-shirt. You can make the tree funky, realistic or use something outside the realm of normal (like a palm tree). You could also use the leaves as a symbol of the different families that make a family tree (i.e. intertwine the last names within the design of the leaves).

Another great aspect of using a family tree is to refer to its ‘roots.’ Try using that reference to play into your own historical roots and strong foundation. This is an alternative way to use the family tree idea, by referencing the deeper meaning and importance of having good roots from the beginning.

You could also keep it simple and clean with your last name, the year of the event, and a nice tree in the center. It’s all up to you, and there is no limit to what you can do with your design or interpretation of using a family tree.

Sports Team Inspiration

For many families, sports are life, especially when it comes to a certain team. Regardless on if it’s college team or one at the national level, their passion as fans is unwavering. Integrate that professional team’s logo, mascot or colors into your design. If you know that other family members like rival teams, you could also incorporate that into your t-shirt design as well.

For instance, if your family likes York 9 FC, but others like Forge, then this could be a great time to play into that rivalry. Use taglines like, “We are...Walters” vs. “Hail to Swisher.” This dynamic could make for great conversation, as well as debates on why their team is ultimately the better one. This rivalry is one that can be playful and not lead to arguments or disputes among family members (At least I hope it doesn’t).

The “We are...” could also be used to simply say, “We are...Family.” The perfect combination for sports fans and family reunions gatherings. However, this is just one example on how you can combine your family’s love of sports with a family t-shirt design.

You could also make it a sports themed t-shirt in general. Using something like “Team Anderson” with a fun tagline underneath would also be a neat idea to have among family reunion attendees as well. This also keeps it pretty neutral and won’t offend anyone who doesn’t like the team you choose to base your idea around.

Going on a cruise...not the expensive kind

When I say cruise, I don’t mean the ones on an expensive ship (while it would be nice). The one that I am referring to is the one you take while driving in a car. For families that like racing, traveling, or cars in general, this could be a unique family reunion shirt design.

Taglines like, “Cruising to the Smith Family Reunion,” or “Pit Stop at the Miller Family Reunion” are just some of the many ideas that you could use for your printed t-shirts for a family reunion. If someone in your family has a beloved car, make it the design focal point on the shirt. Your options of creativity and flexibility are really endless when it comes to this route (pardon the pun) of t-shirt design.

Playing on the ‘crazy’ card that everyone family has in their family

This can be the perfect time to jokingly make note of the unique individuals that make up the family you love. For the right crew, this could be an extremely funny family reunion shirt that would be cherished and enjoyed by family members. There are ways to make funny family reunion shirts like this tactful and won’t leave people feeling offended or hurt that they are considered a little crazy (but what’s the fun in being so normal, am I right?).

Some good sayings for this topic would be, “I survived the Thomas Family Reunion,” “Why be Normal? Jackson Family Reunion,” or “We put the ‘fun’ in dysfunctional.” These are just some of the many unique ideas that you can use for a family reunion t-shirt design that’s both tasteful, funny and memorable.

If you do have a family that openly admits that they are a little nutty, something like, “We are all a little nuts,” with acorns as the ‘nuts’ is not only cute, but also ties back into the family tree route. These sayings are just some of the fun family reunion ideas you could use to describe your loving, yet kinda crazy, family.

Simple, multi-functional and digital

If you want to keep your family reunion t-shirt designs simple, without the hassle of trying to find the perfect family reunion logos, then there are other options are there. Use the new age hashtag (#) and do something like, #LasherFamilyReunion18. What’s great about this idea is that you can use this tag to post to social media sites for others to see that may not have been able to make it. If multiple people are attending and you don’t get a chance to chat or visit with everyone, utilizing the hashtag can be an awesome way to see the pictures that others took while at this event.

You have to admit, it would also be funny to your grandparents or great aunts and uncles wearing a shirt with a hashtag reference as well. They may not get the family reunion t-shirt sayings, but they’ll appreciate the thought of connecting family members even more, especially those that couldn’t make the reunion.

Classy and sweet is always a nice touch

You can never go wrong with having a design that is sweet and classy for a family reunion event. This can include keeping the designs simple or doing a more thorough one for your family members.

Some family shirt ideas for this would include using an inspirational quote about family or choosing an uplifting motto that best represents those you love. You can also get even more in depth with your design by highlighting some of the most inspiring and heartfelt characteristics of your family members.

Doing something list this for a shirt design can serve as a sentimental reminder of the importance that your family has played in your life. The design can be a symbol of honor for those who have been a part of your journey in life, or as an avenue to connect you to the family you don’t get to see all the time but will always be in your heart.

With this route, you don’t have to go overboard to get your point across. A simple and classy design can last a lifetime, just like your admiration and love for your family members.

Inspired? Get designing your custom family reunion shirts

Now that we have given you some unique, even crazy, ideas to think about, get designing the best family reunion shirts ever. We know that you whatever you think of, your family will love the custom family reunion t-shirts that you create for upcoming gathering.

Our website makes it easy for you to create your own family reunion t-shirts online, without the hassle of depending on someone else to design it. This is your family event, so the design should have a personal touch and come from you from start to finish.

Happy designing!

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