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12 Best Christmas T-Shirt Design Ideas

Published: December 10, 2018

American Thanksgiving is over, and the Christmas shows, songs and décor have started to creep onto the streets and in the malls across the country. However, no matter how much you want to prepare for the holidays mentally, chances are you are going to start to feel a little overwhelmed. Whether it is trying to find the perfect outfit for the office Christmas party, or simply looking for something that will wow that one uncle that you can never buy for, it might be time to look at some of the great custom Christmas t-shirts that could be a real lifesaver. In this article, we are going to look at the twelve best Christmas T-shirt design ideas that you will be able to print for your very own perfect holiday tradition at Toronto Tees!


The Lights of Your Life - Christmas Edition

When you are looking to create Christmas t-shirts for family, it all comes down to delivery and cuteness. In this design, you can look to utilise the age-old look of lights on a tree or a house and present your family as ‘The Lights of your Life’. Each bulb can be a family member, a kid, or for grandma, can be the grandchildren. At the top, you may want to put down the lights of the *insert family name here* and you are done. These t-shirts would be perfect for a family party, or even the family gathers for the big day. These shirts are the ideal way to celebrate the season, and with Toronto Tees giving you the platform to have personalised Christmas shirts, it is always a good reason to design your very own Christmas t-shirts for the family!

The Classic Holiday T-Shirt

Everyone loves funny Christmas t-shirts, but sometimes it is not the right place or vibe for humour, that is where the classic Christmas shirt design comes in. One of the favourites we have produced for our customers is a traditional Christmas saying that is delivered with a little bit of holiday cheer. Let’s take the very simple ‘Have yourself a Merry Christmas’. Yes, you could toss that on a t-shirt and have yourself a day, but let’s say you want to jazz it up a little. Add some holly, and maybe a faux holiday pendant on the shirt, and you have yourself a great Christmas shirt idea that will not only work in any situation but could be the perfect holiday shirt for those pesky office Christmas parties. Who does not want a classic t-shirt that will be able to be worn every casual Friday at the office, and seamlessly transition to a great Christmas shirt in case you forgot it was your friends get together on a chaotic Friday. Love the holidays? The classic custom Christmas T-shirt might be your perfect t-shirt solution.

The Vintage Funny Christmas Design

As we noted above, sometimes you want to be the funny one, and it is never a bad idea to make fun of those whom you head out to the party with. One of our favourite ideas is to create a vintage Christmas t-shirt by utilising a classic vintage t-shirt with a great slogan or décor. In this instance, let’s go with the classic ‘I’m with stupid’ mantra and make it a little cheerier. Imagine a vintage two-tone t-shirt with red and green writing. The writing say’s ‘Dear Santa, They’re the Naughty Ones’ with arrows pointing away from you. This is a fun yet simple vintage Christmas t-shirt that will be a hit at your office and friends Christmas party. Plus, who does not love being the good one when it comes to Santa… you do want all the presents right?

Celebrate the Babies First Christmas

Christmas is an exciting time of the year, and when you are welcoming in a new family member to their first Christmas, it might be time to create a t-shirt to ensure everyone is on the same page. One of our classic favourites in this regard is a vintage Christmas t-shirt that will impress even Grandma. Typically, we have done this on a two-tone t-shirt and ensured that the writing could pop. The script being gender specific, but if it is a boy, it is ‘Glory to the newborn King’ and if it is a girl, ‘Glory to the newborn Queen’. This is a quick and classy way to celebrate newborns first Christmas, and an excellent opportunity to get the gang their very own custom Christmas t-shirts to remember the big day!

The Snuggler

We all have heard of cuffing season, and the holidays are a great way to snuggle up to a new man or woman and get comfortable. Well luckily for you, the snuggler is an excellent option for those who are looking to stay warm on a cold winter’s eve. One of the top designs we saw last year was a play on one of the most popular Christmas song. This great Christmas shirt idea is all about snuggles, and it starts with the design. We have seen plain t-shirts, or if you are looking for something a little more modern, a two-tone long sleeve t-shirt might be perfect. On the shirt, you would find ‘Baby its cold outside’ in a chic handwritten style. This shirt is an ideal opportunity to grab personalised Christmas shirts for the group, or just for you and your boo. Maybe a great stocking stuffer? Who knows, but we have heard the elves have been looking at this very design for a few great partners out there.

Believe in Santa!

The magic of Christmas comes from the belief that Santa is real, and that the power of belief can ensure Santa gets to deliver all his presents to the boys and girls of the world. This simple but great custom Christmas t-shirt will allow you to showcase that you believe and can be a classy man or lady when you need to be. This shirt has been a popular choice in the past, and due to its relative simplicity has seen some changes over the years, but we love the original. The original design for this Christmas shirt is a single tone t-shirt or long t-shirt with ‘Believe’ across the chest. We love the addition of a little Santa hat that fits over the corner of the B, but we have also seen some tremendous small additions such as Christmas bells, Reindeer or even the traditional holly. Whatever design idea, the focus of this great t-shirt is to showcase that you have a case of the Christmas spirit, and only from torontotees.com.

The Elf Reference

For those who were born in the late ’80s to the late ’90s Elf has become a favourite family movie, and sometimes you need funny Christmas t-shirts to get you through the holiday season. Although there are some memorable quotes from this great movie, we here at Toronto Tees always have loved a single quote. It is a bit of an insult, but with holiday shopping and some of the lines, it is the perfect thing to call someone who has been utterly rude and atrocious to you over the holidays. We are of course referring to, ‘Don’t be a cotton headed ninny muggins’ and this quote is fantastic. Throw it up on a classic t-shirt, or a long-sleeved t-shirt, and you have the perfect funny Christmas t-shirt.

The Obvious Statement for Those Who Love the Season

There would be some in our lives that love Christmas if it were up to them the tree would stay up for all twelve months a year, and every day would be celebrated like a fantastic holiday. Luckily for you, you can design their very own personalized Christmas shirt that will be the perfect way for them to celebrate the holiday like they know how to. We would suggest utilising one of our two-tone t-shirts to ensure you get a red or green, but it will look good no matter what you choose to go with. The text is simple and delivers the exact statement that you know they will love. The shirt could say, ‘I just like Christmas. Christmas is my Favourite’. It is simple and yet gets the point across, otherwise known as the perfect t-shirt for someone who merely loves Santa, and the whole ordeal!

The Wrapping King or Queen

When you are looking at wrapping Christmas presents, and you start to get excited, it means you are a person. This is the perfect gift for yourself, or others just like you, and the best part? It is punny. One of our favourite designs over the past few years has been this design, and part of the reason is that it is simple and elegant. We would suggest that you go with a plain white t-shirt and utilise either red or green font. The wording is simple, and yet beautiful, ‘Gangster Wrapper’. When it comes to funny Christmas t-shirts there are not too many that are this good, and again safe for school or work. We love this clever wording, and of course, with our designer, you would be able to jazz it up and make it your own, just like you do for your very own presents.

The Bedazzled

For those who want to showcase their bling, the holidays are a great time to do it. No, we are not talking about that engagement ring that you recently got, but hey that is nice too! We are talking about a bedazzled custom Christmas t-shirt. These shirts will ensure that you are seen at a party, and no matter if you are looking at silver or gold, the colour will pop with the right design. We have seen a few over the years, and our favourite is a classic. The first being an outline of the hero of Christmas according to many, and that is Rudolph. A simple silhouette with some gold or silver can make sure it pops and ensures that you are the centre of attention during the party. The beauty of custom Christmas t-shirts is you can make it as you want, and we cannot wait to see what you come up with!

The Millennial

We all have seen the current generation moving into their 20’s, and 30’s get their hate, but as a current millennial you might as well embrace it. Therefore we have loved some of the ingenious designs we have seen come throughout the shop, and we have dubbed this one the millennial Christmas t-shirt. This funny Christmas t-shirt revolves around the recent phenomena of the resting bitch face. Some people have it some do not, but if you do might as well embrace it over the holidays! This t-shirt turns the phrase around to ensure it is safe for work or school, and that is something we always love. It is a simple shirt design, and has the text, ‘Resting Grinch Face’. It is perfect in its simplicity and ensures that you can see if your heart can grow a couple of sizes before the big day!

The Vintage Look for the Big Day

If you are one that loves traditions, and always love older pieces of clothing, you might as well embrace vintage Christmas t-shirts as your go-to. There are tonnes of great choices, but one of our favourites ensures that you can always start a conversation if you are wearing it. This can either be an older vintage style t-shirt, or merely a clean-cut t-shirt, and the font is best set to a typewriter style. It is a simple shirt, but you will love it! The text reads, ‘Twas the night before Christmas…’. It will help if you spend some time memorising the first page, but the Night Before Christmas is a classic tale and a great conversation piece at your Christmas party!

Here at Toronto Tees, we have brought together twelve of our favourite Christmas t-shirt ideas, and we are always excited to see more. Do you have a preferred Christmas shirt design? Comment below and start a conversation! If you are looking to get your very own Christmas t-shirt, head over to torontotees.com and ensure you have the perfect t-shirt for this upcoming holiday season!

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