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How a Custom T-shirts Makes For a Great Costume

Published: October 18, 2017

Creative Minds Don’t Think Alike

Halloween is around the corner and you have to admit, it is one of the more fun holidays of the year. Halloween just isn’t Halloween without the perfect costume, that’s why this holiday is particularly a fan favorite with creative thinkers. However, many quickly discover when deciding on their perfect costume that once they get to the store, that vision is not shared. Stores that sell Halloween costumes very rarely have exactly what you are looking for. Even if a store does have what you need, there are so many other people who have bought the same costume as you.

If You’re Going Out, Go All Out!

While some are ok sporting a less than original costume, many refuse to have the same old Halloween costume that everyone else has. No matter what age you are, it’s always disappointing and slightly embarrassing to know your costume is not at all unique. Searching for a truly unique costume can be a nightmare, especially if you’re broke and are short on time.

Costume Customization

For years many have been easing their Halloween costume pains with one simple trick, assembling their costume around one essential component, a custom made t-shirt! Creating a custom costume piece will ensure that no one else will have the same costume as you. Creating a custom t-shirt is also far less expensive than buying a Halloween costume from a big box store. Who wants to spend hundreds of dollars on something they will probably only wear once anyway? If you’re pressed for time, Toronto Tees can make a shirt for you on the spot.

Whatever your sense of humor or style is customizing a t-shirt this Halloween is the perfect way to express yourself. Come into one of our stores with a slogan or an idea, and we will solve your Halloween costume headaches.

Here are just a few of our favorite T-Shirt costume ideas:

  1. Scary Enough Without a Costume
  2. Resting Witch Face
  3. Emotionally Stable
  4. This is my Costume
  5. Error 404 Costume Not Found

Getting Down to Crunch Time

If you’re looking for a witty way to stand out this Halloween, running out of time and refuse to pay an arm and a leg for your costume, go the custom t-shirt route. Whether your costume requires a custom t-shirt, custom long sleeve shirt, or you need to make a long sleeve zip up hoodies, Toronto Tees is here to help. Visit one of our two stores and take your costume game to the next level.

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