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Still Looking for Custom Christmas Gifts? Look No Further!

Published: November 15, 2022

The festive season is in the air; families are getting ready to meet up for a merry moment, share fun gifts, and celebrate with one another. Children around the world are preparing their wish lists, excited for what the holiday season may bring.

For adults and children alike, gifts are an integral part of holiday celebrations each Christmas season. However, choosing the best Christmas gift can sometimes be a challenge, especially for those looking to add a special custom touch to their thoughtful gifts.

Top Gift Ideas This Christmas Season

Whether it's a celebration of the festive season or as an expression of love, giving gifts is often rewarding, especially when you find a gift you know your recipient is sure to love. A few of the top gift ideas this Christmas season include:

1.Customized Christmas Shirts

Everyone loves a nice custom addition to their wardrobe. A fun, customized Christmas shirt can add some extra holiday joy to any party or event, and wearing Christmas clothing well past the holiday season can still bring a smile to your face even on the worst day, because it's there to remind you of the happy memories you had over the holidays.


Many people greatly appreciate gadgets as gifts, as it saves them the cost and effort of hunting down their own. Gadgets as gifts can range from mini microphones and ear pods to more expensive equipment such as ring lights, or even a new phone.

3.Photo Frames

Photo frames are another brilliant Christmas gift idea. Family, colleagues, and friends' pictures can be framed and given as gifts, and are sure to linger as a positive memory, or even as a projection of love shared among the people in the photo frame.


What is Christmas without a delicious holiday dinner? Surprise your family and loved ones with gourmet treats to complement the dinner table and festivities.

Top 5 Fun Customizable Clothing Gift Ideas

Custom printed clothing can be fashioned in a variety of ways to help you look outstanding, especially during the holiday season.

1.Christmas Family T-Shirts

Why not celebrate Christmas this year with a fun set of family t-shirts? Get as creative as you want with family-oriented custom printed shirts and clever captions, the names of your children, or even customized family trees.

2.Workplace Christmas T-Shirts

Companies can custom order Christmas shirts to get their team in a festive mood, relieving workplace pressure and tension with a joyful addition to the holiday atmosphere. Organizations can also blend Christmas colours with company branding for an extra special touch.

3.Family Christmas Pyjamas

For a more creative approach, try out some custom printed pyjamas instead of a t-shirt – perfect for cozy Christmas mornings, or even a stay-at-home Christmas on a rainy day.

4.Couple's Christmas Shirt

A pair of customized couple's Christmas shirts can be a romantic addition to this year's gifts between you and your partner. Rock them to a cinema for a movie night or a Christmas carnival, or wear them around the home for a sentimental reminder.

Find Holiday Cheer with Custom-Printed Clothing

1.Choose Your Brand

The first step to crafting holiday cheer with your custom printed clothing is to choose the best custom printing brand with a reputation for quality products and services, such as Toronto Tees. At Toronto Tees, you can find some of the best, most comfortable, and fastest prints in Toronto.

2.Select Your Design

The content on your custom-printed clothing will help you hand-craft the perfect type of holiday cheer during this festive season. Create a design for your custom-printed t-shirt that reminds you of your best days and keeps you happy, such as your partner, food, friends, etc.

3.Pick Your Favourite Colours

There are a variety of Christmas colours you can use for your custom-printed t-shirts or sweaters. If your favourite colour happens to be a classic Christmas colour, factor that in as well for a stylish blend.

4.Rock Your New Printed Clothing

Once printed, wear your custom-printed tees around family, friends, partners, and colleagues to extend your holiday cheer this Christmas.

Your Christmas can be more memorable when you create memories that last. Customized Christmas t-shirts are a great way to create long-lasting memories, and Toronto Tees can be your best go-to company to get it done. Reach out to our team at Toronto Tees today to get started on your custom printing project!

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What Are the Most Stylish Christmas Colours?

The most popular Christmas colours that remain classic with each new year are red and green. Other, more unconventional Christmas colours include gold, white, blue, and purple.

Each Christmas colour originates from a specific meaning or symbol. Green represents the eternal life of Christ, while red is a reflection of the blood shed on the cross. Meanwhile, gold represents the three wise men's gifts, blue represents Mother Mary and the blue robes she wears, and white symbolizes the purity of Jesus.

2.What Clothing Is Popular This Christmas in 2022?

One of the most popular clothing trends this Christmas is short-sleeved shirts with a bold colour foundation and a Christmas-themed design. Join the trend this 2022 by designing your very own customized Christmas t-shirt with Toronto Tees.

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