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What is the Best Apparel for Corporate Team Building?

Published: December 17, 2022

With public branding becoming increasingly prevalent in the corporate sphere, there are many positives arising from sporting well-crafted corporate apparel. Aside from building team spirit, custom corporate apparel can help boost morale and encourage staff enthusiasm, ensuring that, at the end of the day, everyone is putting in the best work they can.

Why Is Corporate Apparel Important?

With high-quality corporate apparel, your team can reap a number of benefits, including:

  1. Building Team Spirit: Matching sets of clothing for your staff can help increase motivation and productivity. It’s a way to let them know that they’re an important part of your organization, and that you value them.
  2. Confidence Boosting: When team spirits are high and your staff feels valued, you can be sure to have more confidence in their performance.
  3. Improving Your Company’s First Impression: Your employees are crucial members of the long-term success of your company. Team apparel can significantly influence how people perceive your business, and smart, innovative, and professional custom corporate apparel can help create lasting first impressions.
  4. Serving as A Marketing Tool: Custom corporate apparel can help enhance exposure, promoting your business to a larger audience.

Top Corporate Apparel Ideas for Your Company

How crucial corporate team-building apparel is to your company depends on the kind of apparel you invest in. There are countless apparel ideas to explore, including:

1. Polo Shirts

Promotional polo shirts are among the most relied-upon corporate apparel out there, thanks to their unique style, versatility, and durability.

As a baseline, you can choose to incorporate your company’s logo or marketing message on your custom polo shirts.  However, there are more personal customization options out there.

The most important quality to ensure is that your design stands out, regardless of the style or customization option you want to explore.

2. Vests

Branded vests are comfortable office clothes that can not only help your business stand out, but also help you leave a lasting first impression in the mind of your target audience.

Consider including your brand’s logo on customized vests: customers are typically more inclined to use products and services they recognize. One way to ensure easy recognition is to make your logo known.

3. Caps

Caps are a great way to show how youthful and energetic your team is. As corporate team-building apparel, high-quality caps suit all kinds of businesses.

Whether it’s a baseball cap or a trucker hat, caps can enhance your business’ exposure, especially when they sport a recognizable logo.

4. Overalls

Like polo shirts, overalls offer multiple customization options, particularly because they’re practical workwear. More importantly, they’re comfortable, allowing for an easier and more relaxed corporate atmosphere.

5. Scarves

Embroidered scarves have the power to draw attention, no matter where they’re worn. Getting ready for an upcoming event or trade exhibition? Consider embroidered scarves for your team. This way, you can showcase your company’s name and logo while making a bold statement without appearing overwhelming.

Customized scarves also come in a variety of colours and styles, depending on your company’s needs and preferences.

Designing the Perfect Team-Building Apparel

Once you’ve chosen your corporate apparel, it’s equally as important to then customize it to suit your company’s goals.

1. Choose the Most Appropriate Corporate Apparel

Invest in comfortable office clothing that best represents your organization’s culture, values, and etc. What your employees wear creates an impression on your clients – it’s important to ensure you’re creating the right one.

2. Choose the Most Suitable Logo

Consider your logo’s placement and design before printing it on any corporate apparel. Ensure you place your logo in the most visible place on the apparel without overwhelming the entire article of clothing with the design. Keep it neat, classy, and, most importantly, exciting. When it comes to design, choose a logo that embodies what your business stands for.

3. Ensure It’s Comfortable

Beyond its appearance, make sure to keep your corporate apparel comfortable and breathable. Comfortable office clothes make it easy for your employees to efficiently perform their daily activities, although your choice of material may depend on your work environment and industry.

4. Prioritize Uniqueness

Making the effort to be memorable in your appearance can go a long way. Create a design that stays with your clients, keeping your company and projects fresh and relatable.

Creating the Perfect Corporate Apparel for Your Business

Choosing the perfect custom corporate apparel for your business can be a challenge when you’re working without guidance. That’s why our team at Toronto Tees is here to help you design comfortable office clothes that best suit your needs and preferences, while ensuring that your core goal of team-building is being met. Reach out to our design experts today for a free quote and get started on your exciting new designs for your team!

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