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Crewneck Sweater

Crewneck Sweater

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Super comfy and warm. Our crewneck sweaters are cotton outer shell with fleece inside.

Sizing info (in inches)
Length | Width
S - 23” | 18”
M - 25” | 20.5”
L - 26.5” | 22.5“
XL - 27” | 24.5”
2XL- 28” | 26.5”

Toronto Tees is the leading option to get your own brand-new custom sweaters in Toronto. Our custom sweaters are extremely warm and cosy, designed with an outer cotton shell and a soft and comfortable fleece inner lining. These custom printed sweaters are perfect for people of all ages! Our sizes range from small to 2XL. Available colours include White, Black, Grey, Dark Heather, Navy, Royal Blue, Red, Forest Green, Yellow, and Orange. With our brand new online design tool, we are proudly able to deliver custom sweaters precisely to your needs and desires.

Why Choose Our Sweaters?

Toronto Tees allows you to customize sweaters at the best prices, offering significant discounts for bundle and bulk orders. The more you order, the more you save! Our wide variety of sizes and colours, coupled with our limitless online designing tool, allows us to help you create the best custom sweaters in Canada! Don’t get caught wishing for a warm, soft sweater. With chilly weather always fast approaching, these custom sweaters are perfect to keep you super warm and cosy year-round all across the country. Whether it’s a mild spring evening in Vancouver, a fresh October morning in Toronto, or a windy day in Halifax, our custom sweaters will keep you comfy, warm, and look good guaranteed!

Customize Your Own Sweater!

Customized sweater is a concept that is becoming more and more popular every day. Everyone wants something personal. Something that helps represent them. We strive to separate ourselves from the rest of the pack by putting your look entirely in your hands. While other clothing companies offer only pre-designed sweaters or unimaginative customization options, we offer a state of the art online design tool that lets you build your own custom sweaters exactly how you want them! Build a sweater that means something to you. You can get printing on your sweaters, inserting your own words or phrases on the front, back, or sleeves. You can also have images uploaded to get printed on your sweater. A picture of your pet; a family photo; a stunning sunset; an old car from the 50’s, the possibilities are endless! Design your own art or choose from our Design Ideas to help you find the perfect print for your sweater.

Mix and Match Different Colours

Can’t decide on a colour for your custom sweater?? Don’t know which colour suits the designs you want? Let yourself stand out our multicolour option. Mix and match your favourite colours for your sweater. Step into the spotlight in comfort. Whether it be Red and Black, Forest Green and Yellow, or Blue and Grey, the colour schemes are endless! Represent your school colours with pride. Get the colours to match the logo of your favourite sports team. Keep warm while expressing yourself with colours, printing, and designs that suits you with the best possible prices there is to offer!

Available Colors


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One Custom T-shirt $39
4+ Custom T-shirt $34
10+ Custom T-shirt $29
25+ Custom T-shirt $21.49
50+ Custom T-shirt $19.49
100+ Custom T-shirt $17.49
Multi Colour +$10 ea.
Sleeve Printing from $1.95 ea. to $7.95 ea. 
Back Printing from $1.95 ea. to $9 ea.
Multi Colour Back +$10 ea.
Art Work Fees $5 for text/$10 for graphics
Setup Fees $45 for 25+ items

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