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Improve Your Brand Recognition with Custom T-Shirts

Published: December 13, 2017

Brand recognition is the first step in name building. It ensures that prospective clients can recognize your brand and what it means. Brand awareness is vital to your business and affects your sales in the following ways.

Improves cognitive buying

Most people settle on where they want to buy their product subconsciously. It means that for them to think of your brand or store, that information must be in their subconscious. Marketing experts understand this better than anyone.

Builds equity

It is a measure of your brand’s value. It is more than the physical assists such as equipment and buildings. It is based on your brand’s reputation. It rises as more people become aware of your firm.

Social media presence

The improvements in technology and communication have made it easier for information to be shared globally, thanks to social media. As the public become aware of your product and its excellent services, they will share this online in their circles. High brand recognition will ensure you enjoy the large audience on these platforms.

Using T-shirts to enhance brand recognition

There are several advertising choices that you can use to harness the benefits included above. Of these, promotional or staff custom tee shirts offer the most cost-effective way. Every penny you spend on a custom tank-top printing will earn you at least one more client.

There are three ways of creating brand awareness through T-shirts. The first one is having the employees or marketers of your brand put them on during trade shows and fares. The other way is to give them out as gifts to customers who buy at your booth during these trade fares. The last one is offering free promotional tee shirts. The last two are the most effective of the three in the following ways;

Customer appreciation

It is hard to for people to say no to free merchandise given during concerts, trade shows, and seminars. Such gifts make them feel appreciated. However, it is crucial that your team takes the time to explain your brand, its products, services, and values before giving out the t-shirts. As a result, the recipients will remember all the details about your product as long as they have your branded t-shirt or custom zip-up hoodies.

A walking advert

With proper planning and design, you can produce unisex tee shirts which can fit all day to day dress codes. Each time a person wears clothing with your brand name on it, they are walking adverts. They will reach more people than you can ever do with billboards, TV and YouTube adverts. Besides, there is a chance of someone asking about the t-shirt, hoodie or tank top, sparking off a conversation that can land you one more client.

Custom T-shirts is an excellent way of getting your brand name out there. It is also an excellent tool for enhancing customer loyalty. To enjoy the benefits included above, you should have the tee shirts designed and printed in a reputable Toronto screen printing shop.

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